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The Rebel and Phoenix Awards are given by the con committee of each DSC (in this case, a supercommittee consisting of Julie Wall & Toni Weisskopf) after a survey of previous winners, for the fan and pro who have done much for Southern fandom through their actions or their artistry.

The Rubble is decided by a survey of previous Rubble winners and administered by its founder, Gary Robe, and is for a person or entity (corporations have won it) who have done much to Southern fandom.

2012 Winners

Phoenix Award:   John Ringo
Rebel Award:   Shelby Vick
The Zielke Clan: Robert & Becky Zielke and Bill & Linda Zielke
Rubble “Award”:   SFPA OE Bob Jennings

Also determined at DSC 50: The Hearts Champion of the Known Universe for 2012—Bruce Butler

The right to hold DSC 52 was given to a committee headed by Gary Robe & Curt Phillips, and is intended to be held in Bristol, PA in May 2014.

The DSC 50 short story contest was won by Scott Hancock for “The Comet Five” and is available to be read on this website.

The Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music sponsored by the Funny Music Project were presented by Dr. Demento and awarded in the following categories:

Outstanding Comedy Music Video

The Muppet Show Theme Song — OK Go and the Muppets

Outstanding Original Comedy Song

It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore — Neil Patrick Harris

Outstanding Parody Song

Snoopy The Dogg — the Great Luke Ski