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This is the program as anticipated at press time. Please check the pocket program for any changes.

Throughout the con, various hours: Art Show, Dealer's Room, Fanzine & Awards Display Room & Hearts Championship of the Universe, Filk Suite, Con Suite.

FRIDAY June 15, 2012

Main Programming: First Contact: Create and Design Aliens--Travis Taylor, Stephanie Osborn, Howard Tayler, Tedd Roberts (m)

Madison: 50 Years of SF Movies, Faves and Hates--Lou Anders, Charles Summers (m), Hank Davis

Monte Sano: Southern Fandom's First Fans--Jerry Page, David Hulan, Larry Montgomery, Shelby Vick, Gregory Benford


Main Programming: Schlock Mercenary vs. Tyler Vernon--the John & Howard Show--John Ringo, Howard Tayler

Madison: Live Action Book Club: Cordelia's Honor: Toni Weisskopf, Melanie Ford, Laura Nigg, Robert Nigg, Julie Wall. All are invited to participate in the discussion.

Monte Sano: Tall Tales of DSCs Past--Steve & Sue Francis, David Hulan, Warren Buff (m), Linda Zielke


Main Programming: Fly Me to the Moon--How Do We Get There, What Do We Do When We're There-- Les Johnson, Wm. Ledbetter (m), G. Patrick Molloy, Stephanie Osborn

Madison: Let the Games Begin!--Con Jeopardy! Contestants pulled directly from the audience!--Fritz Fotovich

Monte Sano: Southern Fandom--Location or State of Mind? The Expatriate Southern Fan Experience -- Janice Gelb (m), George Wells, David Hulan, Ruth Judkowitz


Main Programming: Opening Ceremonies—with the Ravenar Belly Dancers, Rocket City Rednecks theme song, welcome from the Moon Princesses, short speeches by all guests of honor, program participants acknowledged, party announcements.


Main Programming: Lois McMaster Bujold reading

Madison: John Picacio Slide Show: George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar


Madison: History of Southern Fandom in a Nutshell--Mike Rogers

Monte Sano: Belly Dancing in a Stefnal Way--Workshop, Linda Donahue, Julia Mandala, Debbie Rowan


Main Programming: Comic Music Variety Show


Madison: Stump the Scientists: Bring your impossible questions for: Molecular Biologist--Lance Larka, Neurochemist--Tedd Roberts, Space Scientist--Les Johnson, Misc.--Travis Taylor (m)

Monte Sano: Hank Reinhardt Memorial World's Worst SF Reading, with George Wells & Guy Lillian— bring your own choices, see if you can top theirs!

SATURDAY June 16, 2012

Meet in front of the hotel: Walk with the Pros—Lou Anders & Toni Weisskopf lead a walk around Big Spring Park

Monte Sano: Hard SF for Teachers & Librarians--Scientists, Engineers & Educators Tell All--Tim Bolgeo, Tom Feller (m), Linda Donahue, Liz Phillips


Main Programming: Reinhardt Legacy Fight Team Sword & Knife Demonstration

Madison: History of HSV Fandom--Mike Kennedy (m), Sam Smith, Doug Lampert, Mary Lampert, Larry Montgomery, Richard Trulson,Wayne Neumaier

Monte Sano: The Hard of Alt. Hist.--David Drake, Tony Daniel


Main Programming: Pyr Books Slide Show--Lou Anders

Madison: Meeting of Art & Science Fiction: Incorporating Hard Science into Art--Howard Tayler, Bert Kemper, Dr. Demento, John Picacio, Sandra Tayler (m)

Monte Sano: Southern Fandom Confederation: What It Is, Why We Care--Warren Buff, Sue Francis, Julie Wall, Tom Feller (m), Judy Bemis, Randy Cleary


Main Programming: Travis Taylor Slide Show

Madison: Live Action One-Shot--with Cake by Naomi Fisher! Everyone invited to participate. Monte Sano: David Drake Reading


Main Programming: Howard Tayler Slide Show

Madison: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: Hard SF of RAH--Jim Woosley, Julie Wall, Steve Hughes, Tony Daniel(m), Hank Davis

Monte Sano: An Hour with Larry Montgomery & David Hulan, Curt Phillips (m)


Main Programming: Baen Books Travelling Slide Show—with Prizes!—Toni Weisskopf, Tony Daniel, Laura Haywood-Cory

Madison: Filk Workshop: Have you ever wanted to write a parody song? Some of our music guests will help you do exactly that!--Danny Birt (m), Carla Ulbrich, Steve Goodie

Monte Sano: SF of the '40s & '50s--Jerry Page, Shelby Vick, David Hulan, Curt Phillips (m), Dave Drake, Larry Montgomery


Main Programming: Bio & Other Ethics in SF--Lois McMaster Bujold, Travis Taylor, Tedd Roberts, Lance Larka, Felecia McDuffie (m)

Madison: The UAH Willy Ley Collection-- UAH librarian Anne Coleman

Monte Sano: Bham & Other AL Fandoms & Fanzines--Charlotte Proctor, Linda Zielke, Julie Wall (m), Larry Montgomery, Gary Rowan


Main Programming: MilTech--Suit, Tanks, Guns and More--Travis Taylor, Howard Tayler, David Weber, Bart Kemper, John Ringo, Bill Fawcett (m)

Madison: Dr. Demento SF Song Revue--75 minutes

Monte Sano: Hard Fantasy--Lou Anders, Danny Birt (m), Gene Wolfe, Lois McMaster Bujold, Tony Daniel


Main Programming: Art & Charity Auction (charity auction to benefit Makers Local 256)—Everette Beach, auctioneer


Monte Sano: Ravenar Belly Dance performance


Main Programming: Awards Ceremony: Rebel, Phoenix, DSC 50 Short Story award presentations; oh yeah, also the Rubble.


Main Programming: Dr. Demento's Greatest Hits


Monte Sano: Ah-hoo--Werewolves Howl at the Moon--Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Jody Lynn Nye (m), Jim Minz


Main Programming—Presentaton of the Logan Award and concerts by our musical guests

SUNDAY June 17, 2012


Main Programming: Lois McMaster Bujold Q&A--Corlis Robe (m)

Madison: SFC Business Meeting, Warren Buff presides


Main Programming: Moon v. Mars--Wm. Ledbetter, Travis Taylor, Gregory Benford, Tony Daniel (m)

Madison: DSC 52 bid presentations and vote—all welcome. Julie Wall presides.


Main Programming: Violence for Writers, with Demos of Hard, Sharp, Pointy Things--Whit Williams, Bart Kemper, Toni Weisskopf

Madison: Dying is Easy, Humor is Hard--Jody Lynn Nye, Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Danny Birt, Howard Tayler, Bill Fawcett (m)


Main Programming: Chandra Slide Show: The Fascinating Finds and Further Questions They Lead to of the Orbiting X-ray Telescope--Martin Weisskopf, project scientist

Madison: Podcasting vs. Print Fanzine Smackdown: Guy H. Lillian III, Howard Tayler, Sandra Tayler, Curt Phillips (m)


Main Programming: Cirque du So What?--Shoebox, The Great Luke Ski, Devo Spice & Power Salad

Madison: Access to Energy = Access to the Stars--Jim Beall,Les Johnson, William Ledbetter, Travis Taylor, Tony Daniel (m)

3-4pm ish

Main Programming: Closing Ceremonies with all our Guests of Honor & the Moon Princesses, distribution of the Live Action One-Shot.


Pool Area: Join Travis Taylor, Howard Tayler & Toni Weisskopf for 10-minute Trainer Yoga—Sweat the alcohol from last night out!

Later that Evening: Dead Dog Party in the Con Suite, courtesy of Regina Kirby & Crew—put the alcohol back in! ?

OUR MUSICAL GUESTS: Devo Spice, The Great Luke Ski, Carla Ulbrich, Danny Birt, Rob Balder, Steve Goodie, Power Salad, Worm Quartet, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Shoebox, The Boobles. The music schedule is here: Music Program

RAVENAR BELLY DANCERS: Julia Mandala, Amora, Linda Donahue & Suzanne. (Photo by Stuart Jones.)

REINHARDT LEGACY FIGHT TEAM: Pembroke "Whit" Williams, Allen Williams, Adam Lyon, David Lanyon, Thaddeus Mercer.