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March 19, 2012 Update

We are sorry to report that our host hotel, the Embassy Suites, is completely full. We encourage folks to sign up for our wait list by sending an email to hotelcontact@dsc50huntsville.com, particularly if you were planning to host a party. When you write, please include the nights you'd like to stay and your preference for a king or two double beds.

In the meantime, there are two nearby overflow hotels . The first is the Holiday Inn, directly across the road from the Embassy Suites.  Their lowest available rate is currently $99, but there's a catch – it's both pre-paid and non-cancellable.  Be SURE of what you're booking!  Normal/cancellable room rates start at about $110, for a standard room.  Breakfast is not included.

The second one is the SpringHill Suites by Marriott, a short 0.5 mile drive (or a probably steamy 10 minute walk, in mid-June) away.  It's a brand-new all-suite hotel, with each room having a bedroom area and a living room area with sofabed, plus a mini-fridge and microwave.  Their rates start at about $109 ($104 for AAA), are cancellable till day of arrival, and Continental Breakfast IS included.  

To summarize, you have a same-price choice between a standard hotel room that's really close, in the older Holiday Inn; or having a little more space and breakfast, with a short drive, in the new SpringHill Suites.  Keep in mind that all rates are only current as of this update, and could change very quickly!

Holiday Inn – Huntsville Downtown:    http://www.holidayinn.com    or    1 800 315 2621

SpringHill Suites – Huntsville Downtown:    http://www.marriott.com    or    1 888 236 2427


Also, we'd like to request that if anyone who has a hotel reservation at the Embassy Suites ends up having to cancel (hopefully not!), PLEASE LET US KNOW BEFORE YOU CANCEL! You can reach us at hotelcontact@dsc50huntsville.com . That way we can cancel the reservation for you , and put the room back into our block for the waiting list. Otherwise, we lose that room entirely – it'll go straight back into the "Available" pool, to be given to the next person who tries booking (probably a wedding party member), at standard June rates of $169. If WE cancel it for you, though, we can then give it to another DSC member who's on the Waitlist, at the convention rate.

AND, sharing rooms at the Embassy is also encouraged! Since every room at the hotel is a two-room suite, and the bath is accessible from either room, that will make sharing a bit easier. Of course, the sitting room's bed is a fold out sofa, but the ones we've tried are very comfortable. We're trying to come up with a system for the web site to facilitate sharing. Anyone who has ideas, please forward them to info@dsc50huntsville.com!


Our Hotel is the wonderful Embassy Suites in Downtown Huntsville

All of the rooms are two room suites, at a rate of $119/night for 1-4 people in the suite. They include internet access, a full breakfast and a Manager's Reception with two drink tickets each night.

The web page address to make reservations is:

Group Code:



11-JUN-2012 (earliest date at con rate)


20-JUN-2012 (latest date at con rate)

Hotel Name:

Embassy Suites Huntsville - Hotel & Spa

Hotel Address:

800 Monroe Street


Huntsville, Alabama



Phone Number:


A few words on the hotel from our Vice-Chair and Princess Moonbeams of Programming, Toni Weisskopf:

I am happy to report that we have (finally) signed our hotel contract. (And
thank you Naomi, for ALL your hard work!) We will be at the Embassy Suites
in downtown Huntsville.

It's a very nice, fairly new, all-suite atrium hotel, with a free breakfast
buffet catered by their in-house restaurant--Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It's
got an omelette bar & everything. Also included in the room fee is free
wi-fi and two free drinks at the manager's reception every night.

Our rate is $119 for up to four people. Each room is actually a two-room
suite (with a door that closes between parts, beds in one room, couch that
folds out in the parlor), and all rooms have microwave & fridge & a marble
bar. Me, my first thought was: "every room a party room."

Main programming, hucksters & art show is on the first floor, which also has
very comfortable "pitting" areas, a bar, and lots of places to play cards.

The rest of programming & the fan lounge will be on the second floor,
accessible by stairs and the bank of 3 elevators. And there's a
Starbucks-like coffee place in the lobby for snacks & caffeine. And an
indoor pool & hot tub.

Sunday mornings if you stick your head outside you can hear the carillons
from the "rocket to God" church steeple a few blocks away.

I've stayed there several times now, and not been disappointed.


And more from our top-notch Ambassadress to Embassy, Naomi Fisher:

A few more words re the DSC 50 hotel:  Julie and Toni had sent me to
scout the Huntsville hotels, and negotiate with those that seemed best
suited to a "traditional" Deep South Con's purpose, function, and
atmosphere.  Of the four possible candidates - the Embassy Suites, the
Marriott, the Westin, and the downtown Holiday Inn (which hosted the last
Huntsville DSC, before it was downgraded from being a Hilton) - the Embassy
Suites is by FAR the best.

My first thought on seeing their atrium, seemingly made for fans to hang out
and schmooze till all hours, was, "Oooohh!  I want THIS one!"  Learning that
the annual "Furries" convention is also held here reinforced that feeling –
the staff and management are already used to non-Mundane cons.  And as the
General Manager earnestly assured me, "We've SEEN weird, and you aren't
weird.  Science Fiction folks are MUCH more normal than some engineering

I hope no one will take that cheerful acceptance of our foibles as a
challenge, but I DO think fandom will really enjoy this hotel.  The rooms
are elegantly spacious, and the hotel's location, right on Big Spring Park,
is beautiful.  It's a classy place, and the single-quad rate negotiated is
much less (about $30 a night) than even the Senior and AAA discounted rates
for THIS year.  However, if you can find a lower rate, please feel free to
book it, and let us know at the convention – that way, we'll still get
credit toward our room block.  I doubt you'll do better, though, and don't
forget that the con rate has internet access included, and is a flat rate
for up to four people.  For me, the full, cooked-to-order breakfast alone
gives it a major edge over other local hotels – we fuel up and are good to
go for much of the day, which majorly cuts down on our food expenses.  The
custom omelets, crispy bacon, and fresh fruit are always tasty, though after
Grace tried the newly available Vegan "Bacon", she asked why they'd fried
Tofu.  I was just pleased to see that they're trying hard to accommodate
dietary restrictions – makes a nice change from the standard All-Starch,
All-the-Time, "Continental Breakfast" that so many hotels offer.  Which
reminds me – the hotel has very good access, and is fully ADA compliant, for
those of us with mobility problems.

Speaking as both a convention-runner and longtime party host, I'm
REALLY pleased with our having been able to get the Embassy Suites at a very
fair rate for our members.  It'll be a great venue for a fun and memorable

Hope to see a lot of you folks there!