June 24 The winners of the various awards given at DSC have been posted here.
June 13 The winner of the DSC50 short story contest has been announced! Read the winning story here: Short Story Winner
June 13 A special version of the program guide optimized for small screen mobile devices is available here: Mobile Program Guide
May 31 Dr. Gregory Benford to speak at Huntsville-Madison County Public Library – Thursday, June 14, 2012. Details at: Benford Talk
May 30 A tour of the US Space and Rocket Center has been arranged. For details: Space Center Tour.
May 29 The music schedule is on-line. Check it out: Music Schedule.
May 28 DSC has always encouraged costuming and this year is no different. Put on your corsets, wizard robes, capes, boots, goggles and hats and have fun exploring the lunar surface. Friday and Saturday, during the convention there will be roaming judges handing out Hall Costume Award badge ribbons to acknowledge your creativity and hard work.
The Best Lunar Party Hall Costume will be announced Saturday night at the Awards Ceremony.
May 10 The program is on-line. Check it out by clicking on the "Program" label in the nav bar.
May 3 A microbreweries tour has been arranged.
April 14 John Ringo will be attending the convention.
March 19 Our main hotel is full! See the hotel page for other places to stay.

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