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Lois McMaster Bujold Guest of Honor
Howard Tayler Artist Guest of Honor
Travis "Doc" Taylor Toastmaster
Larry Montgomery Fan Guest of Honor
David Hulan Fan Guest of Honor
Dr. Demento Special Media Guest of Honor


We chose to bid for a DSC to be held in Huntsville because the first DSC was held there in 1963, and we think it's only fitting that it come full circle for number 50. Now, thanks to you, we've won the bid and we plan a traditional DSC (with perhaps a new twist or two) that has an emphasis on Southern hospitality and the science in science fiction. Huntsville's centrally located and a fun place to visit – it's the Rocket City!

Huntsville already has a fine annual convention in Con*Stellation, hosted by NASFA. This, however, will be a one-time, independent con, with a committee drawing from all over the South.